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Mansouleakim.com has as mission to offer the most comprehensive selection of premium research chemicals and salts , emphasizing on their superior quality , exceptional value and our outstanding customer service. All our productsare tested and we are 100% proud to say that our products are for the good of humanity.  Order Super Silver Haze online

What is Super Silver Haze?  Order Super Silver Haze online

Super Silver Haze is a strongly psychedelic hybrid thanks to a well-balanced lineage of parent plants. This strain is still widely regarded as one of the finest smokes Amsterdam has to offer. With its telltale interplay of taste and aroma: a spicy touch of herbs embodying sweet subtle hints of fruit.

This sativa-dominant hybrid produces huge and heavy buds in a 9-weeks timeframe. Each one covered in a thick layer of large, silvery THC-packed crystals. The genetics underpinning this haze strain have harvested international awards ever since the nineties, and juries worldwide have had good reason to keep recognizing its greatness.

Super Silver Haze effects:

Smoking Super Silver Haze tends to give the user a body high, rather than a high head. It relaxes the smoker and might even put them to sleep rather than instilling them with energy. People like Super Silver Haze because it not only relaxes the body and mind but also clears up all the sounds associated with real life. This sensation tends to hold for a while, making it simple and effective.

Order Super Silver Haze online

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