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Mansouleakim.com has as mission to offer the most comprehensive selection of premium research chemicals and salts , emphasizing on their superior quality , exceptional value and our outstanding customer service. All our productsare tested and we are 100% proud to say that our products are for the good of humanity.  Fentanyl Powder overnight

What is fentanyl? Fentanyl powder overnight without prescription

Fentanyl (sometimes called fentanil) is a synthetic opioid used as an analgesic (pain reliever). It also acts as a sedative. It has a short duration of action and a quick appearance. Indeed, it exists in two liquid and solid forms.

Effects of fentanyl:

The effects of the product are immediate after consumption. For example, the effects of the intravenous solution are visible after three to five minutes. consequently, the concentration in the blood diminishes by half after twelve hours.

Effects of short-term (less than-8hours) exposure:

Fentanyl can produce delayed reduced respiratory function (respiratory depression) and respiratory arrest. With rapid intravenous administration, rigidity of the chest muscles (“wooden chest syndrome”) may be produced, which interferes with normal breathing. A rise of blood pressure within the brain (intracranial hypertension) and muscle rigidity and spasms have been reported following fentanyl use.

FENTANYL POWDER is also used as a recreational drug, and this use has led to thousands of overdose deaths each year in recent years. Deaths have also resulted from improper medical use. Fentanyl has a relatively wide therapeutic index (270) which makes it a very safe surgical anesthetic when monitored carefully; however, its extreme potency requires  careful measurements of highly diluted fentanyl in solution; attempting to accurately measure a dose of pure fentanyl powder is impractical without advanced scientific equipment as an effective dose and a lethal dose of fentanyl powder placed next to each other would be difficult or impossible to differentiate with the naked eye.

Fentanyl Powder overnight

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