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What is Oxycodone? Purchase Oxycodone OC 40mg online

Oxycodone is a semi-synthetic opiate manufactured by modifying the chemical thebaine, an organic chemical found in opium. It is the active ingredient in a number of commonly prescribed pain relief medications such as Percocet, Percodan, and Tylox. Each of these contains oxycodone in small doses combined with other active ingredients like aspirin. OxyContin, another prescription form of oxycodone, is available in doses ranging in strength from 10mg to 80mg tablets. Intended use of OxyContin is for long-term relief (up to 12 hours) of moderate to severe pain associated with conditions such as cancer and arthritis.

A unique property of OxyContin is that the tablets  time released, that is the effects of the drug and its analgesic properties take effect over a set period of time rather than all at once. It is similar to codeine and methadone in its analgesic (pain-killing) properties .

Methods of Use:

Oxycodone products  administered intramuscularly (injection directly into the muscle), intravenously (injection into the blood stream), subcutaneously (injection under the skin), rectally, and/or orally through pills and tablets.
OxyContin, (in tablet form) taken orally, can remain effective for up to 12 hours, making it the longest acting oxycodone product available. While legal doses vary by patient, a typical dose prescribed by a physician ranges from two to four tablets daily. Currently there are four dosages available – 10, 20, 40, and 80mg tablets.


When using oxycodone products, including OxyContin, under the care of a physician most users will experience mild side effects. Like many other narcotic medications certain daily activities impaired, such as driving and other mental and physical abilities. These side effects are usually mild, but there are more serious complications and negative effects from using products containing oxycodone, particularly when abused.

Side effects of oxycodone products include:
Breathing irregularity or respiratory depression
Increased pressure of cerebral and spinal fluid
Heart failure
Low blood pressure

Purchase Oxycodone OC 40mg online

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