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WHAT IS THE OPANA ? Buy Opana(Oxymorphone)20mg online

Oxymorphone hydrochloride which is sold under the trade name of Opana among others is the hydrochloride salt of Oxymorphone. It is an opioid drug having analgesic or pain relieving effects on administration. It belongs to the class of opioid drugs which contain an alkaloid substance found in the opium plant. The use of Opana as a painkiller drug is mainstream as it acts similar to Morphine but it doesn’t have the cough suppression property.

The chemical name of Oxymorphone hydrochloride is Oxymorphone HCl or Oxymorphinone hydrochloride while the molecular formula of the drug is C17H20ClNO4. The molar mass of the molecule of Opana ER is found to be equal to 337.8 g/mol. The drug is available in the market in the form of extended-release tablets which  administered through oral means. The effects of the drug wear out after almost 4 hours of administration.


The drug acts on the central nervous system (CNS) of the body and produces pain-relieving effects. Since it belongs to the opiate class of the drugs which have the property to active the opiate receptors by activating their actions through binding with them. The common opiate receptors in the central nervous system of the body are ‘mu, delta and kappa receptors’.


Buy Opana Online from Goodwill Online Store but remember that Opana comes with some side effects as outlined below ;

shallow breathing, slow heartbeat;

seizure (convulsions);

cold, clammy skin;


severe weakness or dizziness; or

feeling light-headed, fainting.

Less serious side effects are more likely to occur, such as:

nausea, vomiting,…

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